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decolonizing architecture
| the anti-panel:

[pxssy palace x the [204] design collective]

The [204] Design Collective x Pxssy Palace curated an official playlist for 'The Anti-Panel' in our event series:  'Decolonizing Architecture'.

Pxssy Palace (PP) is a collective of activists and cultural leaders, based in London. Pxssy Palace creates safer spaces which prioritise, centre and celebrate womxn, queer, trans intersex (QTIPOC) and femmes of colour, allowing them to party, explore and feel empowered. With the focus on tackling further inequalities, Pxssy Palace provides tools to allies, youth and organisations, to foster more inclusive environments for members of the community to exist authentically.

PP knows this to be important, in part, because of their own lived experiences, and because the work they have done is directly led by, and in response to the needs of the community. Alongside this, there is substantial evidence indicating that due to pervasive racism, sexism, and lgbtqi-phobia, spaces for these marginalised groups are urgently needed.

The idea behind the Anti-Panel is to approach this topic outside of traditional institutions. With this format, we are exploring less structured, edited, and rigid lines of discourse  in an effort to uphold our ethos of fostering an open, accessible, and democratic space.

The [204] Design Collective identifies decolonization as an intersectional battle, where we see colonization as a symbol of gender, race, class and sexual domination. This playlist explores  the intersection between music, identity and space, furthering our efforts to dismantle and restructure the way we think, practice and talk about architecture and space. These songs and artists work to carve out space for themselves and their art through unapologetic expression of their identity.

"To create space, you've got to move people out of the way. You gotta be fierce. You've got to say something that turns people's heads. You've got to be unapologetic."   - Pxssy Palace

#DECOLONIZEARCHITECTURE [Official Playlist] | Tracklist

1.  Rent - Big Freedia
2. Tight Up - Nadia Rose
3. Come Over - The Internet
4. OMW - Lady Leshurr
5. Brujas - Princess Nokia
6. LGBT - CupcakKe
7. Cockiness (Love It) - Rihanna
8. Shade - IAMDDB
9. Not Tonight - Lil' Kim
10. Tomboy - Princess Nokia
11. Addictive - Truth Hurts
12. Black Panther - Lady Leshurr
13. Body Remix (ft. Cakes de Killa & Shamz Le Roc) - Jay Boogie
14. Anna Wintour - Azealia Banks
15. The Baddest Female - CL
16. I'm Better (ft. Lamb) - Missy Elliott
17. LMK - Kelela
18. Girl - The Internet
19. Ridin Round - Kali Uchis
20. I Do (ft. SZA) - Cardi B