Table for 1201

Table for 1201:
THe WIndflower Disco
[First place design]

Windflower Disco 4.jpg

Anemone nemorosa, common name Windflower, is a species of flowering plant native to Europe but common to this region.

A seemingly innocuous flower, its beauty is activated by the elements: the delicate white petals gratefully absorb the sun's rays and gently sway in the Prairie breeze.

"The Windflower Disco" at Table for 1201 seeks to expose and celebrate the subtle beauty of the Windflower.

The flowers' petals are constructed of white paper and foil, folded meticulously to mimic the Windflower's natural symmetry.  A stage constructed of aluminum and plexiglass frames and exhibits the flowers, while still leaving them vulnerable to the wind. Come nightfall, the flowers are illuminated from below, reflecting light onto a glassy surface and generously sharing their reserve of sunlight with the diners.

Windflower Disco 1.jpg