The Collective started as a small group of university students who felt the work they were producing was not reflective of the ideas and projects that they felt passionate about. Feeling that there was a lack of representation, opportunities and support, we founded The [204] Design Collective. Formed as a collaborative design group, we explore cities, politics, and culture through the lens of environmental design, in pursuit of a design practice that we feel reflects us, our communities and our values.

Our work, in part, is fuelled by our lived experiences, and is shaped by the needs of our often under-represented communities. In order to break down the power dynamics often encountered within the discipline, we work towards bridging the gap between theory and practice, connecting discourse with application and action. 

Our practice seeks to challenge and expose inequality in the built environment, amplify the voices of marginalized communities, and construct and explore alternative forms of practicing architecture. We are strong advocates for an interdisciplinary and intersectional design practice that is led by collaboration and strong public engagement.



1. Our online journal initiates an interdisciplinary introspection into architecture and design, while simultaneously serving as the first stage of theoretical and conceptual development.


2. The themes and concepts initially explored in the online journal are applied through our designs. The [204] Design Collective actively collaborates throughout the design development, engaging with creatives and members of the community. 

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3. Through final implementation, we continue to prioritize the community, ensuring our designs add value to the people and the environments they are intended to serve.

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