[204] is a nod to the city in which The Collective was born: Winnipeg, Canada. The concept of The Design Collective derives from the nature of environmental design, which functions on open collaboration and communal support. It is this fundamental character, cultivated in professional and scholarly studio spaces, that The Collective seeks to expose and reproduce. Ideally, we strive to foster an open, accessible, and democratic space that provides unique opportunities for anyone to creatively and/or intellectually contribute.

These fundamental properties define:
The [204] Design Collective.

The Collective relies on constant contribution from the community, aspiring to dismantle the idea of the individual and bring design back to its foundational level of cooperation and collegiality.

In addition to future design projects, competitions, and discourses that The Collective will participate in, we have created an online journal to communicate and critically explore ideas and projects dealing with cities, politics, and culture through the lens of environmental design. This medium provides the accessibility that is necessary to and lacking from the global design community. It is our intention to have our work reflect these ideas at every level of The [204] Design Collective.