#cybercharrette Brief

[LOndon Festival of Architecture - June 20th, 2019]

What are some boundaries or limitations that you and/or your community face in your day-to-day life? How can architecture/design address these challenges?

During our one hour session, we will hold a conversation discussing some of the challenges we experience in our everyday lives. After our discussion, we will spend some time designing interventions that address these challenges and create solutions.

Examples of topics and output:

  1. Access to Nightlife - eg; Safe Space Parties
    Possible output: Imagine an event and design an event poster promoting your party.

  2. Safety in Transportation - eg; Rideshare Apps
    Possible output: Design or invent an idea for an app connecting you to the ‘best’ mode of transportation to suit your needs - safety, affordability, access, etc.

  3. Affordable Housing - eg; Multi-generational Housing
    Possible output: Sketch a floor plan that accommodates a multigenerational household.

Other Potential Topics:

  • Nightlife

  • Gentrification

  • Housing

  • Social Exclusion and Racism

  • Transportation

  • Cycling Infrastructure

Other Potential Output:

  • Sketching

  • Model Making

  • Narrative/Poetry

  • Instagram Account/Story

  • Memes

  • Music and Playlists

  • Digital Archive

  • Twitter Thread

We are looking to explore various modes and methods of creating and exploring architecture. When it comes to visualising/creating your intervention/proposal feel to use whatever medium you feel most comfortable with or want to explore, using whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Join us for open conversation, collaboration, and designing.